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The V.I.B. Treatment

(Very Important Bride)

The V.I.B. Treatment is more than a regular appointment, it is the ultimate wedding dress shopping experience and is unique to Anna Christine Bridal. Our adorable bridal boutique becomes entirely yours during a completely customized appointment, that you will cherish for the rest of your life!


The V.I.B. Treatment is an ultra special 3-4 hour appointment. It is held after normal business hours or on Sundays, for the Bride, and up to 10 of her closest friends and family.  We want everyone who is important to be able to attend this special life-moment for our Anna Christine Brides. The Bride chooses the music, and the food and drinks that we bring in for this special event. Also, we work with her family and friends to surprise her with meaningful, personal touches throughout her appointment.  She'll feel like the entire world of Anna Chrisitne Bridal revolves around her as she reminisces, unwinds and tries on gowns. Tears may flow and laughter will surely fill the boutique during a V.I.B. Treatment.  


We can guarantee that you'll treasure the special memories you'll make when you choose to be part of the V.I.B. Treatment Package. For a small one time fee you can schedule your V.I.B. appointment today and be one of our V.I.B.'s  while finding your dream dress!



(770) 213-8189

*Due to specifics of appointment, we do not take V.I.B. Treatment Reservations online. Additional guests may cost extra.

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